Building trusted pools for joyful parenting
It takes a village to raise a child

The Problem

Parenting can be a stressful, busy, and lonely job when parents carry all the burden of raising their children

The Solution

Ujama helps make parenting more joyful by building trusted pools of parents who support each other.

Parent Directories

Find parents to add to your Trusted Pool from your neighborhood and your kids' school and after-school activities.

Kids Scheduler

Get a schedule of your kids' days with reminders and directions for drivers.

Get a ride for your kid

Get help from your Trusted Pool when your kid needs a ride. Create carpools for recurring rides.


Invite other kids for a playdate when you're at home to give other parents a much needed break.

Karma Points

Earn Karma Points when you help another parent. You are charged Karma Points when another parent helps you.